Sharlese Metcalf got her start as a resident DJ of Seattle's goth industrial wave crew, Second Sight in 2012.  Hosting shows at the iconic Electronic Tea Garden, Sharlese drew inspiration from her time there, and was introduced to Kate Moore who was commonly interested in very similar music. When Second Sight disbanded, Sharlese and Kate commenced with their first collaboration called Audiodrome at Pony, a minimal synth/coldwave focused night. After about a year together, Kate and Sharlese moved to Krewmerk to found their current night, False Prophet. Sharlese is a connoisseur of music, DJs frequently around town and also works at KEXP 90.3 FM as the host and producer of Audioasis and is a rotating host on Expansions. 


Kate has been a performer in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for over a decade and has been a DJ/promoter for three years. She got her start spinning odd nights at Pony until she met Sharlese and the two became residents with their minimal wave and synth focused monthly dance party, Audiodrome. They soon moved to Kremwerk to found False Prophet, a monthly conceived out of a desire to galvanize Seattle's synth community and bring exciting underground acts to town. Kate is a collector of everything from coldwave to darkwave, new wave to no-wave, industrial to post-punk and from disco to soul. She is passionate about sharing sounds from all over the world with anyone who would listen and will often work multiple genres into her sets. 


dj explorateur

photo by emily pothast

photo by emily pothast

Seattle’s DJ Explorateur (vinyl enthusiast Valerie Calano) has been a key figure in Seattle’s thriving underground music scene as a DJ, promoter, and curator. Her knowledge of psychedelia, electronic, new age, ambient music, funk, jazz, and other genres has led to gigs with major acts like Animal Collective, Faust, and Loop. In 2013, directors of the EMP Pop Conference acknowledged Explorateur’s expertise by asking her to participate in a panel discussion about record collecting, and she was included in Eilon Paz’ 2014 book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting. She currently produces Rare Air, a unique event at Q Nightclub showcasing ambient music and immersive visuals. She is also a resident DJ on Hollow Earth Radio’s Yonic Boom show and a member of Seattle’s TUF collective. Prior to joining False Prophet, she produced the psych-rock night Distortions, co-curated the Hypnotikon Festival, and compiled playlists for Seattle’s Bumbershoot. A seriously dedicated DJ, she is never not striving to increase her awareness and procurement of life changing music.